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Archives International Auctions - Sale 38 - Sessions 1 & 2


February 7-8,2017

Archives International Auctions



New York


552 Early New York Drafts, circa 1860s, By National Bank Note Company.

New York. Lot of two intaglio printed checks, includes 1866,

Canton, NY, Bank of Canton, fine condition with small hole towards

middle left and thinning of text on top left; and West Winfield, NY, First

National Bank of West Winfield, 1864 issued draft, XF Condition, 3 pin

holes on left, scarce Security printed checks. NBNC.���������������������Est.





553 Wells, Fargo & Co. 1861 Certificate for Passage from Galway, Ireland to New York.

San Francisco, July 31, 1861, Lot of 2 items.

Wells, Fargo & Co., “California and New York Express and Exchange

Co.”, Original Certificate for Passage, A number of remarks on reverse.

Accompanying original envelope with the same dates indicates this

was sent from James Shauky at Broadway Wharf to John and Bridget

Purcell and requested Steerage passage for (six?) from New York to San

Francisco. It appears the origin of the trip began in Galway, Ireland. Rare

Wells, Fargo & Co. Document and first time seen by cataloger. Choice

Fine Condition. �����������������������������������������������������������������������������Est.




554 Assistant Treasurer of the United States, NY. Army Allotment check; U.S. Treasury Depositary of the U.S. at Louisville.


States. Check forms. Ca. 1860s. Stanton vignette on first. Both printed by

Hatch & Co. NY. Long forms with counterfoil as removed from a larger

book. Uncirculated. 2 pieces. ����������������������������������������������������������Est.




555 Indianapolis Bloomington & Western Railway Co., 1872, Issued Check With Imprinted Revenue

Indiana, April 5th, 1872, check for

$63.17, Horses and farmers at left with train in distance, Imprinted

Revenue RN-C1, many endorsements and stamps on the back, Fine to

VF condition and uncommon. ABNC.�����������������������������������������Est.




556 Banking House of Benoist, Shaw & Co., 1855 Issued Duplicate Check or Draft.

New Orleans, LA., $49.38, Issued Duplicate or Second

Check, payable in Baltimore, appears XF with evidence of thin on top left

corner, attractive with allegorical woman at top and bottom, RWH&E.




557 Canal and Banking Co., 1870 Issued Bill of Exchange.

New Orleans,

Louisiana. £300 Issued and Uncanceled 2nd Exchange Note. Black print

with a geometric border. Vignette shows Poseidon emerging from under

the water in a chariot with allegorical figures surrounding him. Fine-VF

condition. ABNC.��������������������������������������������������������������������������Est.