Archives International Auctions Sale 7 - February 27, 2019 Live and Online Sale

DR. ROBERT I. SCHWARTZ President, Archives International Auctions DESCRIPTIONS Dr. Robert I. Schwartz Mahdi Bseiso Denise Feinberg CATALOG PRODUCTION Leroy Mitchell – Vice President of Catalog Production and Director of Operations David Conway, Debra Schwartz, Robert Schwartz Alfred Henry, Denise Feinberg, Casey Abribat and Mahdi Bseiso AUCTIONEER Norman R. Scrivener, License #695072 I am dedicating Archives International Auctions, Sale #51 to my wonderful, loving wife, Debra and my amazing son, Daniel. I also want to acknowledge my family for their help and encouragement in this long-term project. This ongoing catalog series would not be possible without their love and support. Bob Schwartz Archives International Auctions