Archives International Auctions Sale 61 U.S., Chinese & Worldwide Banknotes, Scripophily, and Security Printing Ephemera and Historic Ephemera October 4 & 5, 2020

Archives International Auctions - Sale 61 195 October 4-5,2020 Archives International Auctions Pennsylvania 1307 1307 Mellon National Bank and Trust Co. 1930-40’s Travelers Cheque Specimen Quartet Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, ND (1930-40s). Lot of 4 specimen checks, includes $10 Travelers check in dark yellow; $20 Travelers Check in pink; $50 Travelers Check in light blue; $100 Travelers Check in yellow. All have Specimen overprints, and POCs, VF condition with glue mounting remnants on back, SBNC. (4) �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $100-180 United States 1308 1308 Group of 21U.S. &WorldChecks, ca.1862 to 1963. United States. Check group. Includes 3 on Bank of England branches, and one Canadian. Also 6 have various imprinted revenues. Notable signature, Cyrus Hall McCormick by Wm S. McCormick (older brother). Some engraved, most litho. (21)����������������������������������������������������� Est. $50-100 Various States 1309 1309 Proof, Specimen and Production Design Files for Checks and Drafts, ca.1860-1880’s. Lot of 8 items, Includes NY. 1860-70, Unissued check used as a specimen with corrections added for the design department, Dark blue, Cut out signature cancels, overprinted in middle, “American Bank Note Company, New York , 6 June 1865”, VF-XF, Originally engraved by RWH&E; 1870-80’s, Little Rock, AR., S.H. Tucker, Exchange & Banking Office, Proof draft payable in NY, Agricultural scene at top right, young girl on left, POC’s, AU; 1879. Providence, RI., American National Bank, of Providence, Unique approval proof draft printed in black on india paper, Standing Justice at left, Approval date and signatures on bottom, AU; 1868, Boonville, Missouri. Aehle, Dunnica & Co., Bankers, Proof Draft with corrections and changes added, printed in black on india paper, young woman at left and workers with building at right, POC’s and minor damage at bottom, still rare if not unique.; 1870’s, Mercer, PA?, Proof Model with design elements pasted to face of check for Iron Banking Co., and hand written text. Fine to VF, unique; and 2 different checks with order notes. (8) ������ Est. $300-500 Wisconsin 1310 1310 Geo. W. Ryland & Co., Exchange and Banking House, ca.1880’s Proof Check. Lancaster, WI. 18xx (ca.1880’s), proof check with allegorical woman at left and Liberty at right with ornate title, printed in black on india paper, XF-AU condition. Continental BNC. ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $60-120 Ephemera - Advertising & Trade Cards Pennsylvania 1311 1311 Burdock Blood Bitters & Dr. Thomas’ Electric Oil. ND (ca. 1890s-1900s). Quartet of Advertising Trade Cards. Glascow, PA. Lot includes four different colorful advertising trade cards, all in uniform style, size, and printed at the same printer. Two cards advertise Burdock Blood Bitters. Images of cats on 2 of the cards. Over a century ago, there was a social movement, led predominantly by women and priests, to ban alcohol for sale in any public venue. The temperance movement eventually created prohibition and something less commonly talked about, temperance drinks. These are beverages, disguised as therapeutic medicines that contain very high amounts of alcohol. Burdock’s Blood Bitters had almost twenty percent alcohol. The two other cards advertise Dr. Thomas’ Electric Oil, which was a widely used pain relief remedy which was sold in Canada and the United States as a patent medicine from the 1850s into the early twentieth century. Like many patent medicines, it was advertised as a unique cure-all, but mostly contained common ingredients such as turpentine and camphor oil. An odd and rare quartet. VF-XF.��������������������������������� Est. $40-70 U.S. EPHEMERA & AUTOGRAPHS 1312 1312 McConhie & Hubbell Mfg Co. Pool & Billiards Tables. New York, NY, 1910, Issued bill head with great vignette of 2 elephants playing billiards, black on light pink paper, XF condition. ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ Est. $40-75