Archives International Auctions Sale 61 U.S., Chinese & Worldwide Banknotes, Scripophily, and Security Printing Ephemera and Historic Ephemera October 4 & 5, 2020

Archives International Auctions - Sale 61 194 October 4-5,2020 Archives International Auctions Massachusetts 1299 1299Hugh Nawn Contracting Co., 1905 Mockup Check with Hand drawn title and Pasted Portrait with Engraved Vignette. Boston, MA. Lot of 2 items, includes Mockup of check with photograph of Hugh Nawn at left with the final engraved Large die Proof of the vignette. Approved for engraving on August 2, 1905. Attractive and historic production items from the ABNC Archives. (2) ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $70-140 Missouri 1300 1300 Union German Savings Bank, 1871 Revenue Imprinted Check with Proof of Cashier’s signature by ABNC. Kansas City, Missouri, 1871 I/C check by ABNC with a U.S.I.R. RN-B, revenue in orange on face, Horses pulling wagon of cotton on top right and men weighing the cotton at left, “Working Model” written in middle, POC’s on bottom, VF condition. ABNC�������������������������������������� Est. $35-70 Missouri & New York 1301 1301 NewYorkSpecimenCheckUsed as aModel for Boonville, Missouri Check. Delhi, NY. First National Bank of Delhi, N.Y. specimen check used as a model with pinned on corrections for “Aehle, Dannica & Co., Bankers, Boonville, MO, 18xx, and also a small piece pinned with change “Pay to the order of”. Light soiling on check, but VF condition. ABNC.������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $40-80 New York 1302 1302 Bank of Syracuse Remainder Check & Syracuse National Bank Proof Check ca.1850’s to 1860’s. Syracuse, NY. Lot of 2 checks, includes predecessor bank check remainder before the bank converted to a National bank and a proof check with archival production department corrections printed on india paper in black. VF to XF condition. D&H and ABNC. (2)������������������������������������������������������� Est. $40-80 1303 1303 Erie County Savings Bank, 1890’s Proof Draft with Mockup Draft. Buffalo, NY. Lot of 2 proof checks, Includes original approval proof printed in black on thick white card and also Approval Mockup draft with additional different images pasted on the proof. VF with faults and AU for the mockup. Rare and possibly unique ABN Production department items. ABNC. (2) ������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $100-200 1304 1304 George A. Fuller Co., 1890-1900 Specimen Check New York, NY, Specimen, Black on light yellow paper, Portrait of Fuller at left, POC’s, Evidently used as a model since the old correspondent bank, First National Bank, New York, is crossed out. Fine to VF with small faults. Well known door to door salesman company.����� Est. $25-50 1305 1305 Lincoln National Bank of Rochester, 1900-20 Uncut Sheet of 3 Proof Checks Rochester, New York. Uncut printed proof sheet of 3 checks for the Lincoln National Bank, located in Rochester, New York. Cancelled stamps throughout referring to the destruction of the printing plates, edits made in red ink as well. Fine condition with staining and toning along margins and fold lines. RBNC. ������������ Est. $100-200 1306 1306 Washington Life Insurance Co., Unique 1880 Approval Proof & 1938 Cancellation Proof of the same Plate. New York, Lot of 2 proofs, Includes 1880, Unique Approval proof printed on india paper and 1938 Cancellation Proof printed on thin card. Both in VF to XF condition. Large portrait of George Washington on right over U.S. flags and Washington on horseback at left. ABNC. (2) �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $100-200