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Archives International Auctions - Sale 50 27 December 3-4,2018 Archives International Auctions 133 133 Muscovy Trading Company, 1717, 1000 Carolian Guilders. Netherlands. Partly printed document. Signed by Egbert Thisinger, Arnoldus Dix, Christoffel Brants, Nicolaas Warin and Leonard Van Hoesen. A partial translation of Dutch into English reads “We, entrusted with the raising of a sum of sixty-five thousand Guilders, which is required to maintain and continue the Moscow Trade, having received authorization, acknowledge herewith, in this function by decree of the honorable gentlemen of the States General of the United Netherlands on March 27 of the year 1717...” In order to promote, maintain and protect trade with Russia, the Dutch formed the Muscovy Trading Company which obtained a monopoly to collect, duties on all trading goods that were shipped to and from Russia (the duty was 0.5%). This monopoly was granted by Czar Peter who was in Amsterdam in 1717 and agreed to the formation of the Muscovy Trading Company. Choice VF condition. (John E. Herzog Collection)������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $750-1500 EPHEMERA - NEWSPAPERS Louisiana 134 134 Missouri Gazette, Tuesday, July 26, 1808, St. Louis, Louisiana, Volume 1, No.3. Meriwether Lewis, explorer turned governor of this newAmerican territory, believed its citizens needed a newspaper and the Missouri Gazette was born. This is a rare copy of Volume 1 Issue Number 3 of Tuesday, July 26, 1808…Printed by Joseph Charles, Printer to the Territory of St. Louis, Louisiana. According to a recent article written by Tim O’Neil of the St. Louis Post- Gazette, no original issue of the first edition exists leaving us only subsequent issues such as this one featured. Local news consisted largely of public notices, Auctions etc. This particular issue discusses “Patriotic Effusions”. “The Anniversary of American Independence has been celebrated by…an Oration from Thomas Todd, Esq. and an Ode from Shadrack Bond, jun. Esq. Charless, had the market to himself until 1815, when the Western Journal hit the streets. He sold the Gazette four years later. It was renamed the Missouri Republic and, in variations on that name, survived until 1919. A wonderful look back into our colorful and historical past, numerous splits, fraying on the edges as well as internal pages archivally backed and taped.���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $350-500 EPHEMERA - WELLS FARGO California 135 135 Wells, Fargo & Co. 1861 Certificate for Passage from Galway, Ireland to New York. San Francisco, July 31, 1861, Lot of 2 items. Wells, Fargo & Co., “California and New York Express and Exchange Co.”, Original Certificate for Passage, A number of remarks on reverse. Accompanying original envelope with the same dates indicates this was sent from James Shauky at Broadway Wharf to John and Bridget Purcell and requested Steerage passage for (six?) from New York to San Francisco. It appears the origin of the trip began in Galway, Ireland. Rare Wells, Fargo & Co. Document and first time seen by cataloger. Choice Fine Condition.�������������� Est. $400-600 U.S. COLONIAL BANKNOTES Maryland 136 136 Principio Company 1769 Colonial Bill of Exchange. Kingsbury Furnace, MD. 1769. 280 Pounds Stlg, 12 Shillings, 1st of Exchange, for the account of North East Forge. William Russell, one of the founders of this early Colonial Maryland iron company is listed on the front of the exchange. Endorsed and signed on the back by W. Baxter, G. Russell, William Russell, Clark Dickinson and others. VF+ condition. Serial # 46. The Principio Company formed as a joint stock company in 1720 to take advantage of new laws passed in Maryland to encourage the early iron industry. By 1729, one of the partners was Augustine Washington, father of George Washington. In 1735, the Principio Company established a refining forge at North East to expand processing capacity which this bill of exchange refers to. The Principio Forge deteriorated, and in spite of repairs in 1772, it was no longer in operation by 1776. Historic Maryland Iron Company Bill of Exchange. ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $500-1000 U.S. OBSOLETE BANKNOTES Alaska 137 137 Bank of Alaska “Kold Kash” Klondyke Koin, 1916 Advertising Scrip Note. (Anchorage), Alaska, April 1st, 1916, 10 Klondykes, Unlisted scrip note. Issued Scrip Note, black on brick red border on light yellow paper, back brick red with miner holding pick, shovel and gold panning pan, Overprinted in purple “Saturday April 1st “ on front and back, S/N X 4047, Choice XF/AU condition. This is one of two different denominations we are offering from this rare Alaska Scrip note series.�� Est. $400-600