Archives International Auctions Sale 50 The Milestone Auction U.S., Chinese & Worldwide Banknotes, Scripophily, Autographs and Security Printing Ephemera

Archives International Auctions - Sale 50 20 December 3-4,2018 Archives International Auctions ORIGINAL ARTWORK BY HUGO FLEURY 101 101 Hugo Fleury Original Artwork Produced for Waterlow & Son. England, ND (ca.1930-40’s). 13 mounted pencil sketches, pen and ink drawings and watercolors mounted on 9 by 12 inch thin manila card on front and back. Included are 12 images of nude and scantily clad women in various poses and one of a seated woman and man with the globe behind them. They can probably be soaked, but I did not want to endanger the artwork. Fleury, an artist and designer for Waterlow & Sons, is known for designing stamps for the 1935 King George V Silver Jubilee Issue for England as well as a 1935 Portugal 1000 Escudos Note and a number of Czechoslovakian banknotes used in the 1940’s and also other banknotes and stamps. Rare artwork from this well known Waterlow & Company artist. Fine to XF condition. W&S. ��������������������� Est. $600-1000 U.S. and Brazil 102 102 U.S. Advertising Banknote Modeled After Brazil Banknote, ca.1900-20’s. A look-alike advertising banknote of the same design, colors and layout, but with different vignette and titled “West Shore Railroad and “100 Per Cent” denomination. Uniface. Blue Specimen overprint and serial # 00005. AU. ABNC.Est. $400-750 U.S. and England 103 103 De La Rue Giori S.A., Specimen DuraNote Polymer Advertising note Uncut Pair with Beethoven on right with Audience. U.S. & England. Uncut vertical pair of notes, DuraNote polymer paper sample with De La Rue Giori intaglio printing. This was used as a sample to test the printing qualities of the paper. Gray-Black, no undertint, blank back, Choice to GemUncirculated. Rare polymer note. ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $600-1000 104 104 De La Rue Giori S.A., Specimen DuraNote Polymer Advertising note with Beethoven on right. U.S. & England. DuraNote polymer paper sample with De La Rue Giori intaglio printing. This was used as a sample to test the printing qualities of the paper. Black, brown and green, blank back , Uncirculated. Rare polymer note.���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $400-600 Various 105 105 U.S. Early Navigation Vignettes Used on Obsolete Banknotes ca.1830-50’s. Proof navigation vignette assortment. 1840-1860’s. 7 different compound proof navigation related vignettes with a total of 14 vignettes. All include images of sail boats, canal barges, steamboats and steamships. Most were used on obsolete banknotes, drafts and stocks. Printers include ABNCo.; TC&Co.; RWH&E; and other early printers. The vignettes range from 1 to 1.5 inches in size. All are printed on india paper and mounted on manila card with plate number at top of the card and on the india paper. All are cut down large die proofs. All have light foxing or glue staining and a few have internal tears frommounting. All are unique in the archive in this format. Please inspect. Another rare group of early ship vignettes that would impossible to duplicate.����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $300-500 U.S. FEDERAL BONDS & DOCUMENTS Washington, D.C. 106 106 War of 1812 Capital Funded Stock Receipt Remainder, Receipt for Loan of 1813, Hessler X-71. Washington, D.C., issued March 1813. Six Percent Certificate of Annuity. This remainder was bound into a book which contained a group of Letters (Reports) from the Secretary of the Navy with accounting of the Navy Department during the years of 1814-1815. Printers of the documents from “Washington City” are Roger Chew Weightman and A. & G. Way. Documents contain various expenditures during the period and to whom they were made. It is postulated by your cataloguer with paper being so expensive at that period of history, printers and book binders used what they could to bolster the bindings of reports and books. Without that practice this document would have been lost to history. The Receipt Remainder while in portions is in need of archival restoration. Nonetheless, this is a significant fiscal document from the formative years of our nation’s history. The bond was issued by Act of February 8, 1813 and is listed on pages 88 & 89, as an (R-8) in the Hessler Guide. The Receipt like bond displays the “Great Seal with Ram’s head above, safety numerals on the indented border. As an (R-8) which designates only 1-3 specimens remain, this may be your only chance of a representative example of this issue! Worthy of notice to any collector of early U.S. Treasury Fiscal paper. ��������������������������Est. $1250-2500