Archives International Auctions Sale 47 March 13, 2018

Archives International Auctions - Sale 47 21 March 13,2018 Archives International Auctions 158 158 Shandong Changyi Fudexiang Bank 1 Jiao, ND, ca.1930’s. 山東 昌邑福德祥一角 Shandong Province, China. A private banknote issued by the Fudexiang Bank in Jiuyuanfu, Changyi County, Shandong province. The face depicts a city scene, with a serial number of 0744. The back shows a city gate, as well as texts of “no payment at night” and “every 10 jiao could be exchanged into 1 yuan national currency”. No date. XF grade. 山東昌邑縣久遠埠福德祥錢莊一角。正面中央為 城市景色,流水號為0744. 背面有城樓圖,及“燈下不付”“每拾角兌國幣壹 圓”文字。無年份。八五品。 ����������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $55-100 159 159 Shandong Feicheng Hengxingdian 1 String cash coin banknote, ca.1930-40. 山東肥城恆興店一吊錢莊票 Shandong Province, China. 1 Diao or String cash. A private banknote issued by the Hengxingdian Bank in Shiwuzhuang, Feicheng County, Shandong Province. Date unknown but should be circa 1930-1940. Top text reads “New printing plate against counterfeits”. Text on the back is a prescription written in 1963. 山東肥城石塢莊恆興店一吊錢莊票一張,無日期 但應為民國時期。正面上方有“更換票版謹防假票”。背面為一處方,寫於 1963年。 ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $70-140 160 160 Shandong Jinan Demaosheng 2 strings copper cash banknote. ND, ca.1920-30’s. 山東濟南德茂生錢莊票二吊 Shandong Province, China. A private banknote issued by Demaosheng Bank in Jinan, Shandong Province. No date or serial number. The text in the center says “Please pay the bearer two strings of copper cash coin at a 98% rate”, and the text on the bottom says “equals to 98 10-cash coins”. VF-XF condition. Pictures on the back depict oriental gardens and pavilions, with a Chinese “Two” in the center. Text on edges means “no loss registration”. 山東濟南 德茂生錢莊發行之二吊錢莊票,無年份及號碼。正面中央文字為“憑票發九 八京錢貳吊文”,下方有“計銅元玖拾捌枚”。反面為花園亭台圖景,中央 有“貳”字,四角寫有“不掛失票”。 ������������������������������������������������������������ Est. $75-150 161 161 Shandong JinkouTongfengheng Bank 2 Strings banknote. 山東金 口同豐恆二吊錢莊票 Shandong Province, China. A private banknote issued by the Tongfengheng Bank in Jinkou Town, Jimo County, Shandong Province. Decorative china vases figures were printed around the note. Text in center reads “To pay the bearer 2 strings of copper coin”. The read seal on the bottom says “Jinkou Tongfengheng Bank”. No date or serial number. 山東即墨縣金口鎮同豐恆錢莊票二吊。正面四 周印有陶瓷花瓶圖案。正中文字為“票回付八底大錢二吊整”。左下有紅色 印章“金口同豐恆記”。無日期與號碼。 �������������������������������������������������������� Est. $70-120 162 162 Shanxi Jinxing Opera Troupe long term ticket. 山西晉興劇社長期 紅票 China. A long term ticket issued by the Jinxing Opera Troupe in Shanxi. No date. Top texts are “Shanxi Jinxing Opera Troupe” and “long term ticket”. Texts below are the address, show time, price of the ticket (80 cents) and regulations. Seals are from the manager. Black writings on top is a record of sending this ticket as a gift. 山西晉興劇社 所發行之長期紅票,無日期。票面顯示地址、演出時間、票價大洋八角,及 注意事項。票面有紅色晉興劇社印章,上方黑色文字為贈票記錄。 �������� Est. $140-200 163 163 Guo County Deyurong Bank, 1926, 2 jiao private Banknote. 崞 縣得玉榮貳角錢莊票 Shanxi Province, China. A private banknote issued by Deyurong Bank in Tunwa Village, Guo County, Shanxi Province in 1926. Uncirculated, The front side shows an oriental building, and the right side shows the denomination and date. The bottom text is the name of the printer. The back side shows denomination of 20 cents in English, as well as “Shang Hui Tan Bao” which means “guaranteed by the Chamber of Commerce”. 山西崞縣屯瓦村得玉榮1926年兌換券貳角錢莊票。正 面左側為亭台建築,右側有面值、年號,底部有印廠名。背面有英文面值, 及拼音“商會擔保”。 ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $35-60