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Archives International Auctions - Sale 39


March 14,2017

Archives International Auctions



13 Gardner Motor Company, Inc., (ca.1920-31) Specimen.


Missouri. < than 100 Shares, Specimen, XF ABNC, early automobile

company that produced cars between 1920 and 1931. ����������������Est.


New York


14 American Express Company, 1863 Stock Certificate With Wells, Fargo & Holland Signatures.

New York, NY, 2 Shares, I/U stock

certificate. Capital Stock 6,000 Shares at $500 each, Black border with

locomotive left to right underneath curved title, Signatures of William

Fargo, Alex Holland and Henry Wells as president. VF-XF condition.

S/N 3484, Rare early type and historic stock certificate. Printer: John H.

Duyckinck. ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������Est.



15 General Vehicle Company Inc., ca.1900-1920 Specimen Stock

New York. Odd Shares Specimen Preferred Stock Certificate. Black ink

with brown border. Vignette of 10 different very small old fashioned

trucks circling a small globe. POC’s and Canceled Stamp across face of

certificate, Rare, Choice Condition, SBNC. ���������������������������������Est.



16 Locomobile Company of America, Inc. 1922 6% Gold Coupon Bond.

New York. $500. Green border. Seated allegorical woman.

Coupons attached. Red specimen overprints, POC’s and “00000” serial

numbers. XF condition. Rare and attractive early automobile bond.

Franklin-Lee BNC. �����������������������������������������������������������������������Est.



17 Mack Trucks, Inc., 1956 Specimen Bond

New York. $1000 5 1/2%

Subordinated Debenture Coupon Bond, Black print on green border and

under tint, Allegorical women flank truck at top, Specimen overprints

and POC’s, VF-XF condition, ABNC. ���������������������������������������������Est.