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Archives International Auctions - Sale 38 - Sessions 1 & 2


February 7-8,2017

Archives International Auctions


1077Union Preparation Bank, ND (ca.1970-90’s) 20 cents “Printers Essay” Banknote Proof.

China, ND, 20 Cents, P-Unlisted, Brown,

gray, olive and m/c on large bordered watermarked paper with young

woman at left and dragon at right, color bars at top with guide lines for

printing on left and right and cutting guides surrounding note, Block

<0>, Printed uniface, a similar example previously sold in Hong Kong

for $4,025. Very rare essay design. �������������������������������������������Est.


China - Japanese Influence


1078Central Reserve Bank of China, 1940 to 1944 Issue Banknote Assortment.

China, Lot of 31 notes, Includes 5 cents to 500 Yuan,

P-J2 to P-J28, Mostly XF to AU with some better and 8 of the smaller

size notes in VG to Fine. Deserves a thorough inspection for varieties.

(Pogrebetsky Family Archives, Part 2) ������������������������������������������Est.



1079Central Reserve Bank of China, 1944 Issue Assortment

China, Lot

of 6 notes, All are 1944 issued banknotes, Includes 200 Yuan, P-J30, (2

different), VF and AU; 1000 Yuan, P-J31a, “AAA” block, AU condition;

1000 Yuan, P-J32a (2 examples), , 185mm x 94mm, both Choice AU;

and 10,000 Yuan, P-36, 184mm x 84mm, Choice VF. Attractive group of

notes. (Pogrebetsky Family Archives, Part 2) ������������������������������Est.



1080Central Reserve Bank of China, 1945 issue Pair.

China, Lot of 2

notes, Includes 5000 Yuan, P-J41a, 170mm x 84mm, AU; and 5000 Yuan,

P-42a, 166mm x 65mm, AU to Choice AU with a light vertical fold

keeping this from Uncirculated. Attractive pair of notes. (Pogrebetsky

Family Archives, Part 2) ��������������������������������������������������������������Est.


China - Japanese Puppet Banks


1081Central Reserve Bank of China, 1945 Issued Banknote.


100,000 Yuan, P-J43a, issued, red violet over light green, SYS in middle,

back with mausoleum at center, S/N C/B 795839 F/T. PCGS graded

Choice New 63 PPQ, large even margins, bright colors, sharp corners,

rare note in any condition and rarely seen this nice. Catalogs $2750 in

SCWPM. ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������Est.


China - Japanese Influence


1082Federal Reserve Bank of China, 1938 Issue Banknote Trio.


Lot of 3 notes, All are $1, P-J54 S/M#C286-10, Green, Dragon upper

right, Confucius on left and junks lower right, back green, Fine with small

edge faults, VF and Choice VF. Attractive trio of notes. (Pogrebetsky

Family Archives, Part 2) ��������������������������������������������������������������Est.