Archives International Auctions Auction 89 Part 2 November 21, 2023

Introduction to the Sale Foreword On behalf of the entire Archives International Auctions team, I would like to personally welcome you to our 89th auction and our eighth auction of 2023. We are excited to offer 578 lots of rare and desirable U.S., Chinese, & Worldwide Banknotes, Scripophily, U.S. Colonial Fiscal Documents, Historic Ephemera, and Security Printing Ephemera in two parts and 3 sessions in 1 day. The auction will begin with 75 lots from the Huntsville Collection of rare Arkansas, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, Missouri and Southern States Scrip notes and Obsolete Banknotes, followed by 503 lots of U.S., Chinese, and WW Banknotes, World Coins, Scripophily, Historic and Security Printing Ephemera, and additional selections from the Montgomery Collection of Confederate States Bonds and Fiscal Documents. We are also offering rare and desirable numismatic pieces consigned from various estates and longtime collections, with dozens of them having never appeared previously at auction. The auction begins with 75 lots from the Huntsville collection, followed by 57 lots of C.S.A. bonds from the Montgomery Collection. Canada includes banknotes as well as 19 lots of coins from Canada and Newfoundland. Additional coin selections from China and Mexico are also included in the auction which features hundreds of desirable and attractive banknotes, historic ephemera, and bonds & shares. We will be holding our 90th auction toward the end of December to mid-January 2024. We are now working on and actively seeking consignments for our Winter and Spring 2024 auctions to include U.S. and World Banknotes, Coins, Scripophily and Security Printing Ephemera as well as desirable numismatic & philatelic items. Please contact us to discuss how you may participate in our future auctions. The team at Archives International Auctions would like to thank you for your participation during these interesting times. We hope we are adding a little fun and enjoyment to your life and that you are doing well. Best of luck Bob Schwartz