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Archives International Auctions - The Huntsville Collection 20 November 21, 2023 Archives International Auctions Arkansas Van Buren - Van Buren is the county seat of Crawford County, located near the Oklahoma border in what was once Indian Territory. Its location along the Arkansas River and proximity to Indian Territory helped Van Buren become a trade center in the 1800s. The city saw military action during the Civil War. Union forces, marching after a victory in Washington County, captured the city in the Battle of Van Buren in 1862. The Union army then destroyed parts of the city, including a printing press, steamboats, and a ferry. Hundreds of slaves were freed by Union forces following the city’s capture. The city went on to be the home of many former slaves who settled in the area. 30 30 U.S. Postal Note, 1894, 1 Cent, “Van Buren, Arkansas Postal Note Van Buren, Arkansas. 1894, United States Postal Note. $0.01, Issued Postal Van Buren “Ark. M.O.B., Jun 30 2894” blue handstamp on back. Dated June 30th, 1894, Black text, “Fee Three Cents” shield at right, POCs over denomination at right, S/N 9919, VG condition with rough margins with pieces missing from the top and bottom margins and toning, still an extremely rare location for a postal note. Dunlap & Clarke. Rare Arkansas location Postal Note. Dunlap & Clark, Printer. ���� Est. $250-500