Archives International Auctions Auction 88 October 24, 2023

Archives International Auctions DR. ROBERT I. SCHWARTZ President, Archives International Auctions DESCRIPTIONS Dr. Robert I. Schwartz Denise Feinberg CATALOG PRODUCTION Leroy Mitchell – Vice President of Catalog Production and Director of Operations David Conway, Robert Schwartz, Debra Schwartz Alfred Henry, Denise Feinberg, John Linaris A UCTIONEER Norman R. Scrivener, License #695072 I would also like to thank my good friends Norman Scrivener, Larry Schuffman, John Herzog, Russell Kaye, Mahdi Bseiso and Bob Kerstein for their help, advice and moral support during the writing and production of this catalog. In addition, I want to thank David Conway and Debra Schwartz for their amazing technical help in completing this catalog as well as keeping their sense of humor throughout the entire cataloging time period. I would also like to acknowledge my hard-working team at AIA for another great job and I especially want to thank Leroy Mitchell, for his continuous friendship and extreme patience during the process of the completion of the Eighty-eighth volume of the Archives International Auction Series. Best of luck Bob Schwartz