Archives International Auctions Auction 78 July 27, 2022 U.S., Chinese & Worldwide Banknotes, Scripophily, Colonial Banknotes, Colonial Fiscal Documents, Historic Ephemera and Security Printing Ephemera

Archives International Auctions - Sale 78 49 July 27, 2022 Archives International Auctions Hong Kong 266 266 Standard Chartered Bank, 1986-89 Issued Banknote Pair Hong Kong. 1986-89. Lot of 2 Issued banknotes: 50 Dollars, P-280b KNB59d-e/g-f, Purple on multicolor underprint, S/N C116577, Watermark: Warrior’s Head & SCB, PMG graded Choice Uncirculated 64; and 100 Dollars, P-281b KNB60d-f/h/j/l, Red and multicolor, S/N AP719409, Watermark: Warrior’s Head & SCB, PMG graded Choice About Uncirculated 58 with comment “Pinholes.” (2) ������������������������������������������������������ Est. $140-280 Hong Kong 267 267 Standard Chartered Bank, 1988 Issued Banknote Hong Kong. 1988. 1000 Dollars, P-283c, Issued banknote, S/N E951639 KNB62f, Watermark: Warrior’s Head & SCB, PMG graded About Uncirculated 55 EPQ. �������������������������������������� Est. $375-750 268 268 Government of Hong Kong, ND (1936)-1949, Issued Pair of Banknotes Hong Kong, ND (1936)-1949. Pair of Issued Banknotes, Includes: $1, P-312, Purple on m/c underprint with portrait of King George VI at right, S/N R321601; $1, P-324a, Dark green on m/c underprint with portrait of King George VI at right, S/N U/3 391373. Both notes range from XF-XF+ condition. BWC. (2). ��� Est. $120-2400 Hungary 269 269 Finance Ministry. ND (1852). Collection of Remainder Obsolete Notes Hungary, ND (1852). Lot of 10 notes, Includes: 1 Forint, P-S141r1 (3). Black printing with three woman at left, Hungaria in the center, and woman at the right; 2 Forint, P-S142r1 (6). Black printing with seated Justice at left, Liberty with Hungarian shield at center, and Goddess Athena at right. 5 Forint, P-S143r1. Black printing with seated woman at top left, forearm and hammer at center, and another woman at top right. All notes are in XF to AU condition with minor damage and staining. (10). Sold “AS IS” no returns accepted. TCC&C. �������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $130-200 270 270 Finance Ministry. ND (1852). High Grade Issue Remainder Banknote. Hungary, ND (1852). 2 Forint, P-S142r1, Issued Banknote. Black printing on thin paper, Seated allegorical woman in middle and left and standing woman Liberty on right, PMG graded Superb Gem Uncirculated 67 EPQ. Printer: TCC&C, Only 2 notes grade higher out of 53 graded in the PMG census. �������������������������������������� Est. $140-280