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Archives International Auctions - Sale 65 134 March 26,2021 Archives International Auctions 846 846 Silver Plume Mining Co. 1883 I/U Stock Certificate Clear Creek County, Colorado (Inc. in New Jersey), 1883. 500 Shares I/U Capital Stock Certificate, Black text with black border, men at work mining at top center. Fine condition, National Bureau of Engraving. The Silver Plume Mine was located in Clear Creek County, and was named for the feathery veins of silver on the mountain where it was situated. It was one of the richest mines in the area until the Panic of 1893 and the resulting decline of the value of silver. A WWI era need for lead, often associated with silver deposits, kept the mine going for a while longer. Today, it is a historic site and often associated with the Georgetown Loop tourist experience in Colorado. ����������������������������������������������� Est. $100-200 Maine 847 847 National Tunnel & Mines Co. Stock Certificate Pair, ca. 1939-1946 Maine. 2 pieces, both I/U: 1939 100 Shares Stock Certificate in green; 1946 100 Shares Stock Certificate in brown. Both are in VF condition, ABNC. (2) ����������������������������� Est. $30-50 Michigan 848 848 Arcadian Consolidated Mining Company, ND (ca. 1900-1920) Specimen Stock Certificate. Michigan, ND (ca.1900-1920), <100 Shares, Specimen, Black with blue border and underprint, Miners working over title in middle, Capital stock $6,250,000. POC’s, Uncirculated condition. Rare Michigan mining stock certificate and possibly unique as specimen. JAL BNC. ������������������������������������������ Est. $350-700 Montana 849 849 PennYan Co. 1895 I/U Stock Certificate Montana, 1895. 10,000 Shares I/U Capital Stock Certificate #10, Black text with green border, Eagle with chicks at top center. Fine condition. ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $75-150 Montana Territory 850 850 Bell Silver and Copper Mining Co., I/UStock Certificate. City of Butte, Montana Territory, 1881, I/U Stock certificate, S/N#1020, 250 Shares, Black printing with ornate border and Liberty Bell image in middle, VF-XF condition, L.F. Lawrence & Co. Rare Montana mining stock certificate. ���������������������������������������������������������� Est. $150-300 Nevada 851 851 Gold Hill Mining Co., 1890 I/U Coupon Bond. Nevada (Inc. in WV), 1890, $500, 1st Mortgage 10% Gold I/U Bond, Vertical format, Mining vignette top left, VF condition with minor damage along edges, Henry Seibert & Bro Co. �������������������� Est. $90-160