Archives International Auctions Sale 59 U.S., Chinese & Worldwide Banknotes, Scripophily, and Security Printing Ephemera and Historic Ephemera May 7, 2020

Archives International Auctions - Sale 59 11 May 7,2020 Archives International Auctions Foreign Banknotes Colombia 59 59 Banco de la Republica, 1928, 10 Pesos Oro Proof Banknote. Bogota, Colombia. 1928, 10 Pesos, P-374p1 Unlisted Proof variety, Uniface Front banknote, no back, Purple on m/c undertint, Narino at right, PMG graded Gem Uncirculated 65 EPQ, ABNC. Rare variety with date.���������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $140-250 60 60 Banco de la Republica, 1940,Unique 1 PesoOro ProgressApproval Proof Banknote. Bogota, Colombia. 1940, 1 Peso, P-380p Proof, Unique Uniface Front banknote printed on india paper on thin card with large margins, no back, blue with no undertint, Santander at left, Approval signatures on lower right, time stamps on back when sent to and from the engraving department. The top margin has hand stamped “For Approval Alteration”. CU to Gem Unc. ABNC.������������������������������ Est. $120-200 61 61 Banco de la Republica, 1940, Unique 1 Peso Oro Progress Proof Banknote. Bogota, Colombia. 1940, 1 Peso, P-380p Proof, Unique Uniface Front banknote printed directly on thin light beige card with large margins, no back, blue without undertint, Santander at left, Instructions on lower left excess margin, Plate #65791 on top. CU to Gem Unc. ABNC. ��������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $120-200 Costa Rica 62 62 Banco Nacional De Costa Rica, 1942 to 1958 Proof Portrait Vignettes Used on Banknotes by ABNC. Costa Rica, 1942 to 1958, lot of 4 Portrait vignettes and 2 title vignettes used on Banco Nacional De Costa Rica Banknotes printed by ABNC. Includes portraits used on 1945-48, 20 Colones, P-206, Gregorio J. Ramirez; 1943-49, 5 Colones, P-209, Braulio Carrillo; 1942-49, 10 Colones, P-210, Manuel J. Carazo; and, 1944-48. 50 Colones, P-211, Manuel Garcia Escalante. Also includes the title “Banco Nacional De Costa Rica - Departmento Emisor” used on the face same series of notes and an additional title used on the back of the 10 Colones, P-210. Mostly VF to Uncirculated with the Carazo portrait torn at the bottom away from portrait, All are intaglio printed on india paper in black that is mounted on thin manila card with plate numbers on the proof as well as on the card it is mounted on. All are rare. Outstanding group of production proofs from the ABN Archives. ABNC. (6) ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $300-500 Cuba 63 63 Banco Nacional de Cuba Traveler’s Checks, ND (ca.1940-50’s) Uncut Specimen Sheet of 3. Cuba. $20 Traveler’s Checks Uncut Sheet of three. Bi-lingual. Lightly folded between notes. POCs, pencil notation in margin on back. Hand stamped SPECIMEN on front. AU condition. Jeffries BNC.����������������� Est. $90-150