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Archives International Auctions - Sale 56 59 November 21,2019 Archives International Auctions Scripophily - Autographs Colorado 448 448 Franklin Silver Mining Company of Colorado, 1869 Issued Bond. Territory of Colorado, March 20th, 1869, $100, 10% Coupon Bond, gold ink on white paper, mining and mill scene in middle, Colorado arms at right, and portrait of Benjamin Franklin at bottom middle. Signed by Benjamin Franklin Fisher, (1834-1915), Civil War Soldier, Officer, Lawyer and war hero. He enlisted on June 18, 1861, the first summer of the Civil War, for three years in Company H, 32nd Pennsylvania Volunteers, being formed in Bucks County. (Two brothers also served, one as an assistant surgeon and the second as a Lieutenant who was killed at the Wilderness in 1864.) He then joined the Army of the Potomac for the Peninsula Campaign in the Signal Corp., he saw action at Lee’s Mill, Williamsburg, Gaines’s Mill, and Malvern Hill. In 1862, he was appointed Chief Signal Officer of the Army of the Potomac to produce intelligence reports from “stations of observation” and from the saddle. As the battle of Chancellorsville was concluding, and Union forces were under orders to make every effort to learn where enemy forces were going next. On June 17, 1863, while shadowing Confederate columns near Aldie, Virginia, Capt. Fisher was captured and sent to Libby Prison in Richmond. On February 9, 1864, 109 prisoners tunneled out of Libby Prison. Fisher led the second party of ten, which included his future brother-in-law, Lt. Causten. Fisher evaded searchers for eleven days, and found his way to Union lines at Williamsburg. Brevetted Lieutenant-colonel for gallant and meritorious services in 1864, Fisher was with the Army of the Potomac from the Rapidan to Petersburg. After the war, Fisher practiced law in Philadelphia and was active in many financial ventures including mining. Historic stock certificate signed by the last surviving escapee of notorious Libby Prison. � Est. $120-240 Indiana 449 449 Indianapolis & Vincennes Railroad Co. 1869 Stock Certificate Signed byGeneral Ambrose E Burnside as President Indiana, 1869. 100 Shares. Issued and Punch cancelled. Black border with no vignette. Only a very small part of the autograph effected by the POC. 25 Cents, U.S. 1st issue revenue on UL. XF condition. Union Army general in the American Civil War, he conducted successful campaigns in North Carolina and East Tennessee but was defeated in the disastrous Battle of Fredericksburg and Battle of the Crater. ������������������������������������������������� Est. $200-400 New Jersey Thomas Edison signed stock certificate rarity. 450 450 Edison Storage Battery Co., 1910 Stock Certificate Signed by Thomas A. Edison as President. West Orange, NJ. November 16, 1910, I/C Stock certificate, Black on green border and underprint, Allegorical woman with lightening bolts at bottom, Capital Stock $,000,000 crossed out and replaced with $3,500,000. S/N 93, VF condition with a minor 3mm nick on the lower right excess margin, cut close on left where counterfoil was removed, evidence of very light mounting on edges, Signed by Thomas A. Edison as president, Pin-punched “Cancelled” in signature area. This is an exceptional example for this issue which usually has large multiple POC’s in the signature area. The Edison Storage Battery Company was organized in New Jersey on May 27, 1901, to develop, manufacture, and sell Thomas Edison’s alkaline storage battery. It produced batteries for mining lamps, train lighting and signaling, submarines, electric vehicles, and other uses. The company had its own research department and sales force, but it also sold batteries through separate sales companies, including the Edison Storage Battery Supply Company and Miller Reese Hutchison, Inc. In June 1932, the company merged with Thomas A. Edison, Inc.������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $750-1500 Scripophily - Automobile & Transportation Delaware 451 451 Delaware Automobile Co., 191x (1910-1919) Specimen Stock Certificate. DE. Odd Shares Specimen, Black on brown border, Delaware arms at top center, “Not to be removed from file”, POC’s, Rare and early automobile company. Security BNC. ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $200-300 Session 2 (Lots 448-789) U.S & World Scripophily and Part 2 of the Stephen Beck Railroad Collection of CSX Predecessor Rail Lines Thursday, November 21st, 2019 beginning no earlier than 3:00 pm ET