Archives International Auctions Sale 53 U.S., Chinese & Worldwide Banknotes, Scripophily, and Security Printing Ephemera June 20, 2019

Archives International Auctions - Sale 53 91 June 20,2019 Archives International Auctions SCRIPOPHILY - CONSUMER GOODS Arkansas 663 663 Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 1983 Unique Approval Stock Certificate Proof Model Unique approval model or mockup of stock certificate. Green border. Allegorical woman. Pieces of design elements, vignettes and borders pasted to thin cardboard. Facsimile signature of Sam Walton as Chairman on bottom, covered in plastic as made, back with archival production department notations and approval signatures. unique and rare production proof from this historic company. ���������� Est. $400-600 New York 664 664 ExcelsiorWatch Co. 1880’s Issued but Undated Stock Certificate.. New York, 10 Shares, I/U Stock Certificate. Black without underprint, Clock works in middle, Certificate #41. Not fully dated. VF+. ������������������������������������������������������ Est. $120-200 665 665 Lionel Corp., 1930-40’s Proof Stock Certificate New York. Odd Shares Common Stock Proof Certificate, No border or embellishments on certificate except company logo at top, Cancelled overprints, Fine-VF with wrinkled paper and stains from previous mounting on the left, Lionel Corporation was an American toy manufacturer and retailer that was in business from 1900 to 1995. Founded as an electrical novelties company, Lionel specialized in various products throughout its existence, but toy trains and model railroads were its main claim to fame. Lionel trains, produced from 1900 to 1969, drew admiration from model railroaders around the world for the solidity of their construction and the authenticity of their detail. �������������������������������������������������� Est. $110-220 SCRIPOPHILY - FAMOUS SIGNATURES Ohio 666 666 Lake Erie, Alliance & Wheeling Coal Co., 1901 Stock Certificate Signed by President Garfield’s Sons. Ohio. 1 Share, I/C, Black on green underprint, Ohio arms center flanked by men on with coal cars on left and right, S/N 6, ITASB H.A. Garfield as president and signed by his brother J.R. Garfield as secretary. Scarce signature on attractive stock certificate. VF ABNC. H.A. Garfield received a law degree from Columbia Law School in 1888. He practiced law in partnership with his brother James in Cleveland, Ohio, 1888-1895. He served as Trustee and Professor of Contracts at Western Reserve Law School, 1891-1897 and Professor of Politics at Princeton University, 1903-1908. Garfield became the eighth President of Williams College and served until his retirement in June 1934. ��������������������������������������������� Est. $85-150 SCRIPOPHILY - FOOD & DRINKS Delaware 667 667 Pepsi-Cola Co., 1960 Production Proof Delaware. <100 Shares Capital Stock Production Proof Stock Certificate in two pieces. First has the literature and vignette, while the other piece has the under tint and green border. Both are in VF-XF condition, SCBNC.�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $100-200 Missouri 668 668 Seven-Up Bottling Co., 1930-40’s Proof Stock Certificate St. Louis, Missouri. Odd Shares Common Stock Proof Certificate, No border or embellishments on certificate except company logo at top, Cancelled overprints, Fine-VF condition with staining. 7 Up (stylized as 7up outside the U.S.) is a brand of lemon-lime-flavored non-caffeinated soft drink. 7 Up was created by Charles Leiper Grigg, who launched his St. Louis–based company The Howdy Corporation in 1920. Grigg came up with the formula for a lemon-lime soft drink in 1929. The product, originally named “Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda”, was launched two weeks before the Wall Street Crash of 1929. It contained lithium citrate, a mood-stabilizing drug, until 1948. It was one of a number of patent medicine products popular in the late-19th and early-20th centuries. Its name was later shortened to “7 Up Lithiated Lemon Soda” before being further shortened to just “7 Up” by 1936. ��������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $120-240