Archives International Auctions Sale 53 U.S., Chinese & Worldwide Banknotes, Scripophily, and Security Printing Ephemera June 20, 2019

Archives International Auctions - Sale 53 28 June 20,2019 Archives International Auctions CHINA - Security Printing Ephemera 199 199 Commercial Bank of China, 1920 Proof Back Vignette, Lions Flanking Medallion. China, ND (ca. 1920), Large Die Proof vignette of Lions flanking Medallion, 4 by 3 inches that was used on the backs of the ABNC printed 1920 series of Commercial Bank of China notes, P-A134 to A136 and P-1 to P-8, Printed Orange-brown on india paper that is unmounted, Bottom imprint includes “Commercial Bank of China -SPECIAL C-1680 American Bank Note Company”, The vignette appears Choice to Gem Uncirculated. Rare banknote related vignette. ABNC.����������������� Est. $300-500 200 200 China, Sample and Test Printing Sample Banknote Trio, ca. 1940- 70’s. China, Lot of 3 notes, Includes De La Rue Giori S.A. - Varinota Test Note, same design from back of a 1946 Central Bank of China with outer border from the advertising printing company, AU-Unc; and 2 similar design but one red and the second dark brown with pagoda on left, backs blank. All Uncirculated.���������������������������� Est. $120-240 201 201 Chinese Proof Vignette Trio ca.1927-1980’s. China. Lot of 3 proof vignettes, 2 printed in brown on light beige paper and cut to shape are from an ABN Advertising proof sheet, the third of a young Sun Yat Sen, ca.1927 is from a Chinese printer printed in black on large white paper. Uncirculated. (3).������������������������������ Est. $50-100 202 202 National Industrial Bank of China Proof Vignette From ABNC Archives. China, ND (ca.1900-30’s), Proof vignette printed in black on india paper that is unmounted, Image is of Great Wall of China over rolling hills, 3 by 3 inches, Imprint on bottom has name of vignette and “Special V-51306, American Bank Note Co., NY”, Choice Uncirculated condition. Early and very attractive archival production proof used in the design of Chinese banknotes. ABNC.���������������������������������������� Est. $250-500 203 203 Peh-Hai, Peking Proof Portrait by ABNC Prepared for Banknotes. Peking, China, 1910-30, Proof portrait engraving of Pei-Hai, Peking, a tall building or temple in background, printed in black on light olive-gray underprint on india paper, 2.25 by 3 inches, bottom imprint has Pei-Hai, Peking - Special - V-43237 - American Bank Note Company. Choice Uncirculated condition. Rare proof vignette and amazing miniature work of art from the American Bank Note Production department. ABNC. ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $250-500 204 204 Yung-An Temple Stupa & The Chi-Tsui Yui Yun Bridge Production Proof Vignette. ND (ca. 1910-30), Proof vignette from ABNC production department, 103 x 93 mm’s, black on india paper, Additional title at base “Special - V 48420 - American Bank Note Co.”, Choice to GemUncirculated condition. Rare vignette possibly considered for use on banknotes or other fiscal documents. ABNC.������� Est. $200-400