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Archives International Auctions - Sale 50 82 December 3-4,2018 Archives International Auctions China - Military 543 543 Bank of the Northwest, 1925 “Jehol” Issue Banknote. China, 10 Yuan, P-S3876a, S/M#H77-35a, green on light green underprint, m/c guilloche, railroad track laying at left, Crisp VF condition. BEPP. Scarce in high grade.������������������������������ Est. $130-260 China - Private & Local Issues 544 544 Local Bank of Layang, 1943, 10 Yuan Scrip Note. 民國三十二 年(1943)萊陽縣地方經濟合作社流通券拾圓 Laiyang County, Shandong Province, China, Laiyang County Economic Corporation, 10 Yuan currency issued by the Economic Cooperation in Laiyang County, Shandong Province in 1943. The left side shows an image of a donkey and a mill. Serial number is 2854233. The right side shows the denomination and seals of the managers. The back side shows a pavilion, with denomination, date and “the Local Bank of Layang”. 民國三十二年山東萊陽縣 地方經濟合作社發行之流通券拾圓,流水號2854233.正面為驢子拉磨圖,右 側有面值及經理印章。背面有亭子圖,及年號、面值與“萊陽地方銀行”英 文行名。 ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $130-200 545 545 Pingdu County 5th District Temporary Currency, 1944, 100 yuan. 民國三十三年(1944)山東平度五區臨時流通券壹百圓 Pingdu County, China. A temporary currency issued by the communist government in the 5th District of Pingdu County, Shandong Province in 1944. The front depicts a herding scene, with slogans around. The serial number is 024724. Seals of the managers are on the bottom. The back side shows a mountain and pavilions, with English denomination and the name of the note. 民國三十三年(1944)山東平度五區(應為共產黨控 制政權)發行之臨時流通券一百元。正面主景為牧羊圖,四周有標語“自力 更生”“軍事第一勝利第一”“意志集中力量集中”。下方有年號及主任、 副主任印章。背面為山峰亭台圖,有英文面值及票券名稱 。������������������������ Est. $110-200 China - Private & Local Banks 546 546 Shanxi Jinxing Opera Troupe long term ticket. 山西晉興劇社長期 紅票 China. A long term ticket issued by the Jinxing Opera Troupe in Shanxi. No date. Top texts are “Shanxi Jinxing Opera Troupe” and “long term ticket”. Texts below are the address, show time, price of the ticket (80 cents) and regulations. Seals are from the manager. Black writings on top is a record of sending this ticket as a gift. 山西晉興劇社 所發行之長期紅票,無日期。票面顯示地址、演出時間、票價大洋八角,及 注意事項。票面有紅色晉興劇社印章,上方黑色文字為贈票記錄。 �������� Est. $110-200 CHINA - REPUBLIC 547 547 Chinese Proof Vignette Trio Featuring Proof Portrait of Tsao Kuan used on 1917 Banknote Rarities. China, Lot of 3 proof vignettes, includes Cut Down on thin white paper mounted on blue card portrait of Tsao Kuan used on the 1917 “Tsao Kuan” Issue Banknotes, P-37J to P-37N S/M #C294-65 to C294-69, the note is only known in proof and is missing from every major collection. Also included are 2 additional proofs that deserve further research. ABNC and SBNC. ���������������������� Est. $200-350 548 548 Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek Proof Portrait Vignette Pair from ABN Sample Book. China, Lot of 2 proof vignettes, one printed in black, the second in blue, both on thin white paper or thin card, similar to vignette used on 1948 and 1949 banknote issues by ABNC. XF condition with glue stains on the black vignette. Both by ABNC. Rare proof vignettes��������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $120-200 549 549 Harbin Branch, National City Bank of NewYork, 1931 Second of Exchange. Harbin, China, 1931 Second of Exchange, I/C, $12 U.S. Currency. VF. ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $100-200