Archives International Auctions Sale 50 The Milestone Auction U.S., Chinese & Worldwide Banknotes, Scripophily, Autographs and Security Printing Ephemera

Archives International Auctions - Sale 50 69 December 3-4,2018 Archives International Auctions China - Military Issues 428 428 Chung Hwa Republic, 1936 Military Issue. China, 1936, $10, S/M #C262- 2, (Chinese Catalog Vol.14, Page 6 and Vol.15, Page 87), VG to Fine condition with ink burn, strong folds, small chips on edges, small hole in center, Light brown border surround light blue flag on face, green border and flag on back. S/N 3834. Rare military related banknote.����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $300-600 CHINA - FOREIGN BANKS 429 429 American-Oriental Banking Corporation, 1919 Shanghai Issue Proof Face & Back Banknotes. Shanghai, China. 1919. $5. P-S97s. (S/M #S53- 0.3). Proof Face and Back banknotes. Printed on india paper on large card. Green on m/c with steamship vignette, back green. Gem to Superb Gem Uncirculated condition. Very attractive and rare note only available as specimen or proof. ABNC. Only 4 F&B proofs found in the Christies ABN Archives sale in 1991. This is the last one available as a proof. �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������Est. $1500-2500 431 431 Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation 1920 Banknote. Shanghai, China. 24th July 1920, $10, P-S357A, (S/M #Y13-32). Issued banknote. Green on red underprint, back is maroon. Serial # 375427. Very Fine condition with nice clean large and even margins, Scarce and attractive banknote. BW&C.������������������������� Est. $600-800 432 432 International Banking Corporation, 1905 Specimen “Shanghai” Branch Issue. Shanghai Branch. 1905. $10, P-S420s (S/M#M10-3). Brown face and orange-red back. Specimen banknote. Red specimen overprints, “00000” serial numbers and POC’s. 2 signatures. PMG graded Gem uncirculated 65 EPQ, Rare and lovely note in high grade. ABNC. ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������Est. $1000-1800 433 433 International Banking Corporation, 1919 Issue Specimen Banknote. Shanghai, China, 1919. $1, P-S423s, S/M #M10-50a. Specimen banknote. Orange on m/c on face and green back. 2 printed signatures. Red specimen overprint, POC’s, No serial numbers. Large excess margin on top with order numbers and archival purple overprint, PMG graded Gem uncirculated 65 EPQ. ABNC. �����������������Est. $1000-1500 430 430 Deutsch-Asiatische Bank 1907 Issued “Shanghai” Branch Issue Banknote. Shanghai, China, 1907, $1, P-S283a, S/M#T101-1c, Issued banknote, Blue on light red and black, Germania at right, S/M 06708, PMG graded Choice Fine 15 NET with note of repaired with top left missing corner piece re-added. Rare note in any condition. G&D.������������� Est. $11000-15000