Archives International Auctions Part XXI Fall Auction 2014

Archives International Auctions, Part XXI 60 November 4, 2014 Archives International Auctions CHINA - PROVINCIAL BANKS 509 Sinkiang Finance Department Treasury, 1920 Issue. China, 100 Cash, P-S1820, S/M#H126-20, Issued banknote, Black text on green border and red underprint, back blue on yellow underprint, PMG graded Choice Uncirculated 63 NET with note of ink bleed through which is normal for issue. Rarely seen this nice. �����������������Est. $100-200 510 510 Provincial Bank of Shantung, 1925 “Tsinan” Issue. Tsinan, China. 5 Yuan, P-S2758a, S/M#S46-23a, Issued banknote, Violet on m/c with house on hill, back violet, PMG graded About Uncirculated 53 NET, Only priced in XF, rare in this high grade. ABNC. ������� Est. $400-600 Colombia 511 Banco De La Republica, 1971 & 1972 Specimen Banknote Pair. Colombia, Lot of 2 notes, includes 1971, 500 Pesos, Ser. A. P-411bs, Bolivar and right, Specimen overprints, ABNC and 1972, 2 Pesos, P-413as, Salavarrieta on left, both are Choice to GemUncirculated, attractive pair. �������������������������������������������������������������������Est. $120-240 512 512 Banco del Estado &Others, 1883-1953, Lot of 10 Colombia, lot of 10 issued notes, includes 1 Peso, Banco de Pamplona, 1883, P-S711, UNC; 1 Peso, Banco del Estado, 1900, P-S504, AU; 1/2 Peso Oro, 1948-53, P-345; and others. ������������������������������������������������Est. $150-300 Costa Rica 513 513 Banco Central De Costa Rica, 1951-77 Issue - Series “A” Speci- men. San Jose, Costa Rica, ND (ca.1951-77), 500 Colones, Ser.A, P-225s, Specimen banknote, Purple on m/c, portrait of M. Gutierrez on right, Specimen overprints, POC’s, PMG graded Choice Uncircu- lated 64 with large even margins, bright colors and deep emboss- ing, ABNC. ����������������������������������������������������������������������Est. $500-1000 514 514 Banco Central De Costa Rica, 1969-70 Issue Proof Face & Back Banknote. San Jose, Costa Rica. 10 Colones, P-230 Unlisted proof, Blue without underprint or overprints, POC’s, Each proof is printed on thin white india type of paper with large margins and plate num- ber on top, each note would grade Gem Unc. But there are minor folds in the excess margin far from the note. Rare proof format. ABNC. �������������������������������������������������������������������������������Est. $300-600 515 Banco Central De Costa Rica, 1971 & 1986 Issued Banknotes. Costa Rica, Lot of 6 issued Costa Rica notes and 1 Cuban Specimen Note. Includes 1971, 10 Colones, P-242, Issued Commemorative note, Choice to Gem Uncirculated, ABNC; 5 examples of 1986, 5 Colones, P-236d, 5 sequential issued banknotes, all in Choice to Gem Uncirculated; Cuba, 1991, Banco Nacional De Cuba, 20 Pesos, P-110s, Specimen banknote, Unc. to CU with a small stain on upper left. Attractive banknote assortment. �������������������������������Est. $120-240 516 516 Banco Central De Costa Rica Proof Production Material Costa Rica. 1986-1988 Issue. 100 Colones, P-254. Lot of 3 items. Includes proof or specimen with large margins of completed note without serial numbers, dates or signatures, with complete face and back with undertints. Color bars are on bottom. The note has a security thread running through it. 1987 and 1988 dates are readable on the face and back. Also included is an undertint proof of the face that evidently was used to evaluate color. A blank sheet of banknote pa- per with security thread is also included. Choice Uncirculated condi- tion. Rare Costa Rica Production material. ABNC. �������������Est. $150-300 Croatia 517 WWII Series and 1991/1992 Series Croatia. Assortment of Various Croatian notes 40+. Pick No’s. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 12 & 13. Denominations ranging from 50-5000 Kuna 1941-1943 and 500-5000 Pick No’s. 21, 22, 24. Dinara from the early 1990’s. Condition ranges Good-XF Should be seen to be appreciated. �������������������������������������� Est. $80-160