Archives International Auctions Part XXI Fall Auction 2014

Archives International Auctions, Part XXI 50 October 25, 2014 Archives International Auctions Wisconsin 409 409 Chicago, Milwaukee & St.Paul Railway Co. 1889 General Mort- gage Gold Bond. Milwaukee, WI. $1000, Specimen 4 3/4% Gold Coupon bond. Orange-red border. Steamship flanked by locomo - tive and ship at dock, Red specimen overprint and POC. Coupons attached. The bottom has additional text “Chicago, Milwaukee, St.Paul and Pacific Railroad Co., Successors to.....”, XF condition, ABNC. Unlisted bond percentage and variety in Cox. ��������Est. $150-300 410 410 Chicago, Milwaukee and St.Paul Railway Co. 1880 Specimen Land Grant 7% Bond. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 1880. $1000. Speci- men Land Grant Income 7% Bond. Black border, text and vignette. Native American “Progress” vignette over title. Coupons attached. Fine to VF condition. Specimen overprint and POC’s. ABNC. Only 3 found in archives. Extremely Rare and attractive railroad bond. ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������Est. $300-600 411 Milwaukee, Light, Heat and Traction Co. 1899 Specimen 1st Mortgage 5% Gold Coupon Bond. Wisconsin. 1899. Specimen bond. $1000. Green border and undertint. Seated allegorical wom- an with electric lamps behind her. XF condition. Franklin BNC. This is the plate bond used in Cox from my previous auction in 2009. RareWisconsin railroad. ����������������������������������������������������Est. $120-240 412 412 Northern Pacific Railway Co., 1914 specimen Bond. Wisconsin, 1914, $5000, Specimen 4 1/2% Series A, Refunding and Improve- ment Mortgage Registered Bond, Horizontal format, Black on pur- ple border and underprint, Dramatic large vignette of mountains, forests and small train in background, pioneer scout top left and surveyors top right, POC’s, VF condition with minor folds and dis- coloration, ABNC. Unreported date, denomination and interest rate in Cox. ������������������������������������������������������������������������ Est. $250-500 413 413 Northern Pacific Railway Co., St.Paul-Duluth Division, 1900 Specimen Registered Bond. Wisconsin, 1900, $1000, Specimen Registered 4% Gold Bond, Horizontal format, Black with green border and underprint, Man standing beside locomotive #15 at bottom, POC’s, VF-XF condition, ABNC. Only known as a specimen bond and one of 3 found in the archives, The bond listed in Cox was from one of our earlier sales. ���������������������������������������������Est. $200-400 414 414 Northern Pacific Railway Equipment Trust of 1925 Specimen Coupon Bond. Minnesota. Wisconsin. 1925, $1000, Specimen 4 1/2% Serial Trust Gold Coupon Bond, Vertical format, Black with light brown border and underprint, POC’s, VF-XF condition, ABNC. Unlisted Bond name, variety and date in Cox. ��������������������Est. $200-400