Archives International Auctions Part XXI Fall Auction 2014

Archives International Auctions, Part XXI 146 November 4, 2014 Archives International Auctions U.S. Coins - Holed & Counter- stamped Coins 1344 1344 An Assortment of Counter stamped, Holed, Crushed, and Other- wise Mutilated Mostly U. S. Type Coins. Perhaps the best pieces are an 1837 Large Cent counter stamped “D. BRODERICK” on the obverse, and “JOSWILLIAMS” on the reverse; an 1843 Half Dime “B. O. HOFF;” an 1869 Shield Nickel “E. W. WARD,” and an 1859 Cop- per Nickel Cent with multiple stampings of “L. ARNOLD” on both sides. Also included is a group of various tokens and replicas.[140 plus pcs.], weight approximately 4.5 lbs. ����������������������������Est. $150-300 U.S. Coins - Miscellaneous 1345 Cents & Nickels Assortment. Assorted Indian Cents 1860-1907, mostly Good(20+); Lincoln Cents in the teens through 1960’s, some with minor errors.(perhaps 100); Buffalo Nickels in the teens and twenties(9); Also included are some Wheat Cent rolls and tokens, weight approximately 3.5 lbs. ���������������������������������������������Est. $50-100 1346 U.S. Coins andTokens Assortment. 1833-1952. 1853 Seated Liber- ty Dime VF; 1897 Barber Dime VG, stains; 1952 BTW Commemora- tive Half Dollar Choice BU, toned; 1833 Andrew Jackson HardTimes Token VF; Staudinger’s 116 Broadway, NY token, AU, cleaned; Civil War patriotic tokens(2), both EF. [7] �������������������������������������Est. $50-100 U.S. Coins - Commemoratives 1347 1347 1900 Lafayette $1. NGC AU details. Improperly cleaned. ��Est. $200-400 1348 1348 1915-S Pan-Pacific Commemorative Half Dollar. EF details, cleaned. ����������������������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $75-150 1349 1349 1918 Illinois Commemorative Half Dollar. NGC MS 64. Very Choice BU. Satiny white surfaces. ���������������������������������� Est. $125-250 1350 1350 1925 Fort Vancouver Commemorative Half Dollar. Uncirculated, perhaps lightly cleaned. �����������������������������������������������������Est. $100-200 1351 1351 1925-S California Commemorative Half Dollar. NGC MS 63. Hints of golden toning. ������������������������������������������������������������� Est. $125-250 All Multiple Lots Are Sold As Is. This is Not an Approval Sale. All Sales are final Please inspect before you purchase