Archives International Auctions Part XXI Fall Auction 2014

Archives International Auctions, Part XXI 9 October 25, 2014 Archives International Auctions New Jersey 54 54 Cresent Aircraft Corporation New Jersey. 1929. 10 Shares, #709, Brown and Black, Eagle Vignette, Uncancelled. Rare and historic aviation certificate. ����������������������������������������������������������� Est. $$80-160 United States 55 A Collection of Over 200 Different Aviation and Space Certifi- cates. O. E. Williams Aeroplane, Universal Aero-Transportation, Phillips Aviation, North American Aviation, Central Airport, Ameri- can Airports, American Canadian Airlines, Aeronca Aircraft, Bartlett Aircraft, OvingtonAirplane, New EnglandAirlines and many others. Some with wonderful airplane vignettes, some issued, some unis- sued. Airlines, aircraft manufacturers, lighter than air, helicopters, space and others. Most in excellent condition. Must be seen. Sold as is. Every certificate represents a distinct variety with no duplication and will be cataloged as such in the new Aviation Catalog that is being written by Larry Falater. ���������������������������������������� Est. $800-1600 Scripophily - Banking & Finance California 56 56 Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Los Angeles, 1935 Specimen Stock Certificate. Los Angeles, CA. 1935. LessThan 100 Shares, Common Stock, Specimen stock certificate. Green border and undertint. Allegorical man and woman flank bank building. Red specimen overprint and POC. SBNC. XF, Text of certificate refers to the Federal Reserve Act of August 23, 1935 and that this certificate of stock is issued subject to the liability imposed by Section 5151 of the act. Scarce certificate. �������������������������������������������������Est. $120-240 Dakota Territory 57 Western Farm Mortgage Co., 1887 Specimen Bond. Doland, Da- kota Territory. $100 Specimen Series A Debenture Coupon Bond, Black on green border and underprint, Cattle and farm animals in middle of city, Specimen overprints, POC’s, VF, ABNC. ������� Est. $90-180 Iowa 58 Iowa Loan and Trust Co., 1900 Specimen Bond. Iowa, 19xx (ca.1900-10), $-Odd, Specimen 4 1/2% Mortgage Bond, Orange border with harvest scene, POC’s, Coupons attached. XF. �� Est. $90-180 New York 59 Alleghany Corp. - J. P. Morgan & Co. 1930 Specimen Interim Re- ceipt. 1930. Specimen Interim Receipt for Alleghany Corp. Twen- ty-Year Collateral Trust Convertible 5% Bonds., Orange, Morgan Bank Building. EF, ABNC. �����������������������������������������������������Est. $50-100 60 Chase National Bank Stock Certificate Pair New York. Lot of 2 100 Shares and 30 shares I/C Stock. 1945 & 1946. Black print on a purple border and underprint and black print on a orange border and underprint. Portrait of a Chase top center. Fine condition. ABNC. (2) ������������������������������������������������������������������������������ Est. $25-50 61 61 Chemical National Bank of NewYork, 19xx (ca.1900’s) Specimen Stock Certificate. New York, 19xx, Odd Shares, Specimen stock certificate, VF-XF, ABNC. ���������������������������������������������������Est. $150-300 62 Manhattan Company, NewYork, Historic Bank Stock Certificate. NewYork. 1947. 100 I/C Stock. #C50767. Black print on black border and underprint. Reclined allegorical man top center. VF condition. ABNC. Merged in 1955 with Chase Bank. ������������������������������� Est. $25-50 Pennsylvania 63 Easton National Bank. Stock Specimen. Easton, Pennsylvania. 19__. Specimen Share Certificate, Eagle, three male portraits, left, Liberty stands, right, EF, ABNC. ����������������������������������������Est. $100-200 64 64 Lancaster County National Bank, ca.1900 Specimen Stock Cer- tificate. Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Odd Shares, Specimen stock certificate, Farming scene on right with cameo profiles at left with woman holding sheaves in arms and on head, Pin-punch Specimen overprints, POC’s, XF, RWH&E. �����������������������������������������Est. $200-400 Scotland 65 Royal Bank of Scotland, ca.1970-80 Specimen “ADR” Stock Cer- tificate. Scotland. Odd American Depositary Shares, Black on blue border, Specimen stock certificate issued by Citibank. XF, TDLR. Scarce. ������������������������������������������������������������������������������Est. $100-200 South Carolina 66 66 Farmers & Exchange Bank, 1848 Stock Certificate. Charleston, South Carolina. 1848. 12 Shares, #1639, Black, Plantation Scene with Man on horseback watching slaves in field harvesting crops. Issued and uncancelled.VF condition with toning. Rare and early SC banking stock certificate. ����������������������������������������������Est. $$120-$240