Archives International Auctions Sale 47 March 13, 2018

Archives International Auctions - Sale 47 29 March 13,2018 Archives International Auctions 208 208 Banco Nacional de la Republica de Colombia 1895 Lot of 2 Notes Colombia. March 1895, Lot of 2 notes, Includes 5 Pesos, P-235a, Fine to Choice Fine Condition; and 10 Pesos, P-236, VF condition, attractive banknote pair. ABNC.�� Est. $230-325 209 209 Banco de Oriente, 1900, Issued Note. Colombia. Issued 1 Peso, 2.1.1900, P-S697, Series E, black handstamp on reverse, About Fine. ����������������������������������� Est. $100-130 210 210 Banco de Oriente, 1900, Issued Note. Colombia. Issued 100 Peso, 5.3.1900, P-S701, Series U, partial handstamps on reverse, Choice VG to Fine.�������������������� Est. $150-200 211 211 El Banco Del Estado, 1900 Regular Issue banknote Assortment. Colombia, lot of 6 notes, all are 1900 Issues, 10ctvs; 20ctvs; 50ctvs; 1 Peso; 5 Pesos and 10 Pesos, P-S501 to P-S506, VF to Uncirculated. Sold “As is” no returns accepted. Est. $140-250 212 212 Republica Colombia, 1904 Issue Banknote Pair. Bogota, Colombia. Lot of 2 notes, both 1904 issues, Includes 50 Pesos, P-314, G/VG with internal horizontal tear and edge problems and 100 Pesos, P-314Choice VG/Fine with pin holes, small internal tears but minimal edge problems. W&S. ������������������������������������������������� Est. $130-200 213 213 Republica de Colombia, 1904 Issue Banknote Quintet. Colombia. Lot of 5 notes, all are 1904 issues, Includes 5 Pesos, P-311, VF to Choice VF; 10 Pesos, P-312, VF to Choice VF; 25 Pesos, P-313, VF; 50 Pesos, P-314, Choice Fine to VF with the lower left corner is rounded, light staining on the right and bottom margins, but bright colors; and 100 Pesos, P-315, VF to Choice VF, Crisp paper, the notes have mostly a fresh appearance with bright colors, Attractive set of notes, W&S. (5)�������������������������� Est. $400-600 214 214 Banco De Colombia, 1905 Specimen “Seccion Hipotecario” Circulating Bond. Bogota, Colombia, 1905, 20 Pounds Sterling - 100 Pesos Oro, Series B, Unlisted but Similar to P-S397 with portrait of “Landing of Columbus” on top but different denomination, Specimen banknote/circulating bond, Black title, vignette and text with Dark brown border and red eagle on bottom, Unlisted denomination and color in Pick. Red specimen overprint, POC’s and “00000” serial numbers. Coupons attached. Impressive vignette of “Landing of Columbus” measuring 4 5/8ths by 2 1/8th inches. AU condition with horizontal fold in middle as made. Rare note. ABNC. Est. $500-800 215 215 Republica de Colombia, 1910 Proof Banknote. Bogota, Colombia. 50 Pesos, P-317p Proof Uniface Front banknote, black on olive green undertint, Bolivar at right Arms at left, Back green with arms in middle, printed on india paper on large card, PMG graded Gem Unc. 66 EPQ. Unlisted as a proof in SCWPM. ABNC. This is the finest known out of 10 graded in the PMG census. ����������������������������������������������� Est. $300-400