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Dr. Robert I. Schwartz -- President

George Cuhaj – Vice President of Cataloging & Consignor Relations

Mahdi Bseiso


Leroy Mitchell – Vice President of Production & Director of Operations

David Conway

Debra Schwartz, Robert Schwartz, George Cuhaj

Alfred Henry, Denise Feinberg


: Norman R. Scrivener, License #695072

I am dedicating Archives International Auctions, Part XXXII to my wonderful, loving wife,

Debra and my amazing son, Daniel. I also want to acknowledge my mother, Tillie Schwartz

and my in-laws Flora and David Perskie in this long term project. This ongoing catalog series

would not be possible without their love and support.

I would also like to thank David Coogle and Larry Gibson for their help, advice and moral

support during the writing and production of this catalog. In addition, I want to thank

David Conway and Debra Schwartz for their amazing technical help in completing this

catalog as well as keeping their sense of humor throughout the cataloging time period.

I would also like to acknowledge my hard working team at AIA for another great job and

I especially want to thank Leroy Mitchell, for his continuous friendship and extreme patience

during the process of the completion of the thirty-second volume

of the Archives International Auction Series.

Bob Schwartz

Archives International Auctions, LLC

1580 Lemoine Avenue Suite 7

Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024-5600 USA

phone : 201-944-4800 fax : 201-871-4345

email :