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Archives International Auctions - Sale AIAXXXIII


June 28,2016

Archives International Auctions


5 Imperial Bank of China, 1898 “Peking” Branch Issue.

China, 5

Mace, P-A39a (S/M#C293-1b), Issued banknote, Dark blue, brown and

red on orange underprint, Dragons supporting shield at top center, S/N

19821, PMG graded Fine 12 NET with notation of fold split repairs and

pin holes which are difficult to view. Rare note in any condition and this

example appears with bright colors and large margins. BFL, printer.

Only four examples graded in the PMG census. ���������������������Est.



6 Imperial Bank of China, 1898 Dollar Issue, Shanghai Branch.

Peking, China. 1/2 Tael = 5 Mace, P-A39a (S/M#C293-1b), Issued

banknote, Brown with blue frame with red and orange undertint, facing

dragons supporting shield, Back same colors, S/N 30411, Choice Fine to

VF. Rare note rarely seen this nice. ������������������������������������������Est.



7 Ta-Ching Government Bank, 1907 “Hankow” Branch Issue.


$1, P-A66, S/M#T10-10a, Issued banknote, face green and lilac on light

yellow underprint, back Blue on light brown color with supported arms

upper center, S/N F44275, Appears Choice to Gem Uncirculated but

the lower right corner tip was slightly jammed in the past and almost

impossible to view, so call it Uncirculated+, Scarce note in high grade

and very attractive. �����������������������������������������������������������������������Est.



8 Ta-Ch’ing Government Bank, 1907 “Hankow” Issue.

China, $1,

p-A66r (S/M#T10-10a), Remainder banknote, green on lilac and light

brown, back blue and tan with supported arms at center, PMG graded

Fine 12, Attractive and rare note, Printer: CMPA.������������������������Est.




9 Agricultural and Industrial Bank of China, 1932 “Shanghai” Issue.

Shanghai, China, Lot of 2 notes, both with man plowing with water

buffalo, includes 1 Yuan, P-A109a, S/M# C287-40, Issued banknote, Red

on m/c, VF to Choice VF. S/N 792058; and 5 Yuan, P-A110b, S/M#

C287-41B, Issued banknote, green on m/c, back green, VF to Choice VF

condition, ABNC. Rare issued in any condition.��������������������������Est.



10 Agricultural Bank of Four Provinces, ND (1933) Issue Note.


10 Cents, P-A84a, (S/M#S110-1), Issued banknote, Black on red border

and light red underprint on face, Back olive-green, One light internal fold

keeps this lovely Choice AU note from CU condition. Printer: TYPC.