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Archives International Auctions- AIAXXVII


August 4,2015

Archives International Auctions


7 Bank of New South Wales

Australia. Exchange check. Unissued.

Nice. ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������Est.



8 Bank of New South Wales Proof Exchanges.

Kyneton, VIC., Aus-

tralia. ND (1851(7?) written in pencil on bottom). Uncut sheet of two

proof 2nd and 3rd Bills of Exchange printed in light purple. Corre-

spondent bank in London, England. Printed on thick india type of

paper. Vignette of lions, unicorn and crown in middle and counter-

foil of bank title on left. Both are in Fine to XF condition with minor

toning and glue stains. Printed by Perkins, Bacon & Co., London.




9 Commonwealth Bank of Australia, 1938-40 Issue Banknote


tralia, issued note, 5 Pounds, (1941), P-27b, VF with minor edge tear

on right margin and what appears to be mounting traces on the

same margin. ����������������������������������������������������������������������Est.



10 Commonwealth of Australia, ND (1953-60) Replacement / Star


Australia, 1953, £1 Star Note, P-30*, R33S, RB10, Coombs |

Wilson, S/N HA/93 33368*, PMG graded Choice Fine 15, scarce note.




11 Commonwealth of Australia, ND (1966) Replacement / STAR*.

Australia, ND (1966), $2, P-38ar R81S, Issued banknote, S/N ZFE

43710*, Signatures Coombs - Wilson, PMG graded Very Fine 25, At-

tractive note for grade. Scarce with Star.���������������������������Est.



12 Reserve Bank of Australia, 1988 Commemorative Polymer Notes.

Australia, Lot of 6 notes in booklets, All are $10, P-49a, Prefix “AA”,

all would grade Choice to GemUnc. or better. ����������������������Est.


Bahrain, Kuwait, Muscat & Oman


13 Bahrain Monetary Agency; Central Bank of Kuwait; Sultanate of Muscat and Oman.

Bahrain 1/2 Dinar P-17; Kuwait 1, 5 Dinar; P-13a,

14a; Muscat andOman 100 Baiza, P-1a, with some paper tone at top

edge. Otherwise all Uncirculated. 4 pieces.����������������������������Est.