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Archives International Auctions, Part XXI


October 25, 2014

Archives International Auctions



5 Lowell and Petersham United States Mail Coaches, 1842,


Massachusetts, 1842, Original Way-bill, Black print

on blue paper with small coaches top left and right corners, VF

condition. �����������������������������������������������������������������������������Est.



6 ACashCow. Origami made with financial paper, possibly unique.

FromMuseumAm Finance ����������������������������������������������������Est.



7 Baccarat: Two Hundred and Fifty Years

A book from the house

of Baccarat, celebrating its 250th anniversary this year as a world

leader in high-end crystal products ranging from iconic glass com-

missioned by royalty to unique tableware, decorative objects, fine

jewelry and designer flacons.  For those interested in the history,

design and craftsmanship of this French luxury brand, with photo-

graphs from Baccarat’s archives displaying the craftsmanship and

technical innovations of their highly skilled glassblowers, glasscut-

ters and engravers, as well as captivating images from advertising

campaigns and celebrity clientele.   �����������������������������������Est.



8 Prohibition Rum Bottle

Recovered in 1994 from the “Lizzie D” in

eighty feet of water, five miles south of Long Beach ������������Est.



9 BMW 328 Roadster Pedal Car

This new, classically-designed pedal

car is equipped with specialized rubber tires to minimize noise. It’s

perfect for indoor or outdoor use and is suitable for 3 - 5 year olds.

The BMW 328 Roadster meets standard consumer safety specifica-

tions for toy safety (ASTM/F 963-07e1). ����������������������������� Est.



10 The 20th anniversary issue of “The Tribeca Trib” and Oliver Al-

len’s book “Tribeca: A Pictorial History” complement each other.

The newspaper’s publishers Carl Glassman and April Koral collabo-

rate with Tribeca historian Allen on a book that reflects their own

private Tribeca. Through stories and pictures we learn much about

the local past of the “Triangle BelowCanal.”������������������������Est.