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Archives International Auctions - Sale 38 - Sessions 1 & 2


February 7-8,2017

Archives International Auctions



1023 Bank of China, Tunxi Branch, 1942 Cashier’s Check

Anhui Province,

China. Farmer’s Bank of China. Tunxi Branch, cashier’s check, 5 Yuan

XF, dated Oct 23rd 1942. Printed by Xinhui Printing Co. Serial number is

37841. Text on front reads “Could be exchanged into 5 Yuan of national

currency.” The signatures and seals on the left side are supposed to be of

the branch managers. The seal on the right is possibly the official seal of

the bank branch. (but the scripts are not identifiable). This is the last of

2 examples of this type that were found and available.









1024Agricultural and Industrial Bank of China, 1932 Specimen Banknote.

China, 10 Yuan, P-A111s, S/M#C287-42, Specimen

banknote, Purple on m/c, Farmer plowing at right, PMG graded Gem

Uncirculated 65 EPQ, Rarely seen this nice with deep embossing, large

even margins and bright colors. ABNC. �������������������������������������Est.



1025 China Silk & Tea Industrial Bank. 1925 Unlisted Chengchow / Hankow Issue Rarity.

China. 5 Yuan. P-A120B?, S/M C292-2?, Issued,

face is orange on m/c with Harvesting tea leaves at center, back orange,

Unlisted variety with Chengchow overprinted on Hankow instead of

listed Hankow over Peking. Incorrectly identified on the PMG holder as

the overprint over Peking, PMG graded Very Good 10 NET with note

of internal splits, additional small hole in middle and edge tears and

chips present, possibly unique with Chengchow over Hankow overprint.

BEPP. ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������Est.



1026China & South Sea Bank, Limited, 1921 “Shanghai Branch” Issue.

Shanghai, China, 1 Yuan, P-A121a (S/M#C295-1a), Issued banknote,

“Chairman” on lower left corner, S/N AN756710, PMG graded Very

Good 8, one of 3 graded by PMG. ABNC. ����������������������������������Est.



1027 China & South Sea Bank, 1927 “Shanghai” Issue Banknote.

Shanghai, China, 5 Yuan, P-A127b S/M#C295-21a, Issued banknote, red

on m/c, monument at left, back blue, multiple handstamps and chop

marks on back. Fine to Fine+, ABNC. �����������������������������������������Est.



1028China & South Sea Bank, Limited, 1927 Shanghai Issue.


China, 1927, 10 Yuan, P-A129a, S/M#C295-23, Good to VG with high

wear, edge faults, reinforced splits on back, still rare in this condition and

missing from most advanced collections. W&S. �����������������������Est.



1029Central Reserve Bank of China, 1943 Specimen Issue.

China, 500

Yuan, P-J27s, S/M#C286-95,Specimen banknote, 169mm x 84mm,

Brown, SYS at center, Yang Pen on face, Specimen on back, S/N 000, AU

condition, Scarce as specimen.������������������������������������������������������Est.